Book Overview

'Not for the Faint-Hearted' is a detailed and practical guide to a selection of 50 harder (non-diving) caving trips in Yorkshire. The guide is written specifically for use by small groups of experienced cavers who want to extend their caving beyond easy club meets and popular SRT routes. All the caving trips in the guide have difficulties or hazards which are likely to demand more skill, effort and personal commitment from visiting cavers. None of the trips are suitable for inexperienced, unfit or unwary cavers and there are no concessions to such users in the text. Each caving trip has its own location map; tackle list and detailed route description. Suggestions are provided for pitch-rigging (SRT only) together with possibilities for free-climbing, bypassing or handlining pitches. Interesting side trips and alternative routes are clearly separated in the text and approximate timings should help with planning. Each trip has a brief exploration history to acknowledge the achievements of the original explorers and a selected reading list to assist cavers who want to do more research. The production of this caving guide was sustained by the enjoyment associated with undertaking the research. There is no desire for personal financial gain and any profits will be donated to cave conservation initiatives in Yorkshire. The caving guide can be purchased in person (or online) from Inglesport in the Yorkshire Dales.

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